M.P.M. MPM is a modern firm that can boast a multi-year experience of assembling medical components and accessories.

The choice of raw materials, the automatic manufacturings, the care over stamps building and the steady quality control let us guarantee high reliability of our products. .
In our production you can find unassembled components (scalp vein set, transfusion set, large or small model infusion set and other components for various sets).
We also provide assembled components (transfusion sets and large or small model infusion sets) that are automatically assembled by modern assembly machines.
The catalogue of available products , with codes, can be consulted from the web site or you may request the PDF file.
MPM is at your complete disposal to examine and carry out all your demands, sure of satisfying you

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We are preparing the new catalog that collects all the products of our lines of components and assembled components. If you don’t want to lose it, leave us your e-mail and we’ll send you the pdf as soon as it’s ready.